Poster presentation

February 5, 2020, Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg

“Since April 2019, the performance collective Las Tesis worked on a short theatre performance in which they translated theories of sexual violence, rape and feminicide to practice, based on Silvia Federicci’s (2004) Caliban and the Witch and Rita Segato’s (2003) The Elemental Structures of Violence. With the uprisings in Chile, the collective was invited to stage their performance at a street festival in Valparaiso. Las Tesis was later contacted by people from all over Chile who wanted them to perform the piece. After their performance in the capital Santiago, the collective was approached by groups from various countries, asking if they could use the song and adjust it after their context. Since then, the performance was staged in many countries and languages including, but not limited to: India, the US, France, Turkey, Sweden, Canada, Mozambique, Tunisia, Lebanon, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, UK, Belgium, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. 

Las Tesis performance in diverse contexts across the globe opens up possibilities for understanding digital activism in new ways, bringing offline-online entanglements into view, inviting us to reimagine these transnational protests and solidarities as a kind of local-global connectivity, displaying a sensitivity for the at once shared and unique nature of struggles in situated contexts.” – Selin Çağatay & Mia Liinason

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