The team

This research cluster is an outcome of fruitful cross-disciplinary cooperation between the three co-researchers with backgrounds in gender studies, ethnology,  informatics, and applied IT. Together with two PhD-students, we constitute the core group of this research cluster.

Mia Liinason

Director of TechnAct and Department of Gender Studies, Lund University

She is interested in transnational feminism and queer as theory and praxis, and supervises PhD-students and postdocs in gender studies.

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Lisen Selander

Associate professor within Information Systems research at the University of Gothenburg

She is interested in digital transformation and the digital organizing of contemporary collective action.

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Lena Martinsson

Professor in Gender studies, University of Gothenburg

Her main research interests are transnational social movements, in the field of feminist, queer and post colonial studies. She has also written extensively on the discourses on gender equality and diversity.

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Onur Kılıç 

Ph.D. candidate in Gender Studies at the University of Gothenburg and co-researcher in TechnAct

He is interested in the politics of gender and sexualities, globalization and neoliberalism, politics of space and digital technologies. His current project is on queer activism in Turkey and building transnational solidarities in digital spaces.

Nadia Ruiz-Bravo

PhD candidate in Informatics at the University of Gothenburg and co-researcher in TechnAct

She is passionate about the video game industry and its community and finds interesting themes around inclusion and diversity in such spheres. Her current research is in the entanglements between digital technologies, especially digital platforms, and collective action, gender, and sexualities in the video game sphere.

Sama Khosravi Ooryad 

MSCA-PhD candidate in Film and Media Studies at the University of Gothenburg. Affiliated TechnAct Member.

Her research interests are gender and politics, feminist theory and praxis, and new media and digital cultures.
She is an early stage researcher in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project called NETHATE, which focuses on understanding and ways of countering hate online/offline.