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Onur, Nadia and Sama are the hosts of TechnAct podcast! They hold conversations with different guest speakers doing research or activism in relation to social movements, gender, sexualities, and digital technologies.

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On Norm-Critical Thinking at Workplaces with Elin Ferm TechnAct Talks

In this episode, we had an inspiring conversation with Elin Ferm who is the co-founder of NORM Consulting based in Copenhagen. Listen to our talk to hear more about Elin's experiences as a norm-critical educator and her activism against gender-based violence.NORM ConsultingFacebook https://technactcluster.comYouTube:
  1. On Norm-Critical Thinking at Workplaces with Elin Ferm
  2. The critical work of masculinities – Interview with Javier Omar Ruiz
  3. On Bi+ activism with Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh
  4. Episode 8 – Fashion talk and a bit of gaming as well (Interview with Estefania Jimenez)
  5. Episode 7 – 8th of March Special (interview with Isil Kurnaz)

TechnAct has a YouTube channel now, where we share the video versions of our podcast as well as other interesting content. Take a look at it and enjoy.