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Call for Papers

“Technocultural worldings: Tracing possible and actual worlds in transforming media landscapes” A special issue of Feminist Media Studies Guest edited by:  Mia Liinason, Professor of Gender Studies, Department of Gender Studies, Lund University, Ov Cristian Norocel, Associate Professor of Gender Studies, Department of Gender Studies, Lund University Forthcoming December 2023 (see full info on all dates below) Twitter: … More

Symposium: Queer Solidarity Across and Beyond Borders

On May 30-31, 2022, the Department of Gender Studies at Lund University will host a symposium organised by a group of staff members including Mia Liinason and Onur Kilic from TechnAct. The symposium invites LGBTQI+ activists from Hungary, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey for creating a transnational platform of discussion and sharing knowledges of resistance. Below … More

TechnAct Podcast: The critical work of masculinities – Interview with Javier Omar Ruiz

In this episode of the TechnAct Podcast, we interview Javier Omar Ruiz, a popular educator and co-founder of the Colectivo Hombres y Masculinidades (Men and Masculinities Collective) in Colombia. We had an insightful and interesting conversation about the critical work of masculinities. This podcast was recorded in Spanish, but for those who don’t understand Spanish, … More

Workshop at Lund University

In December, Lund University will host a Workshop organised by Mia Liinason (Lund University), Selin Çağatay (CEU), and Olga Sasunkevich (University of Gothenburg). The workshop, Working transnationally beyond comparative hierarchies. Exploring relationalities, solidarities and changing conditions in transnational research and pedagogies, can be joined in person or online. If you would like to hear more … More

Paper to be published at HICSS-55 Conference

A new paper by Nadia Ruiz-Bravo and Lisen Selander of TechnAct with Maryam Roshan is going to be published at the HICSS-55 Conference in early 2022. The paper, The Political Turn of Twitch – Understanding Live Chat as an Emergent Political Space will be presented by Nadia during the conference which runs from the 4th … More

Season 2 of the TechnAct Podcast is here!

Welcome to Season 2 of the TechnAct podcast! Sama Khosravi Ooryad, the new Ph.D. in the TechnAct cluster, joins Nadia and Onur to host the podcast in this new season. In the first episode, we we had an insightful and interesting conversation with Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh who is a bisexual activist and scholar with a long … More

Call for Papers for a special issue of Frontiers in Sociology

Mia Liinason of TechnAct is co-editing a special issue of Frontiers in Sociology with Marta Cuesta and there is a call for papers. We invite contributions that critically engage with the emergent possibilities and risks for feminist, antiracist and LGBTI+ subjects and struggles in digital times, that examine the diverse effects on digital activism and … More

Symposium: Digital Platforms and Collective Rights

We are pleased to invite you to the TechnAct summer meet-up symposium on ‘digital platforms and collective rights’ on June 17, 2021! The event is online and will take place on Zoom (registration is required). Please register by sending an email before the event to The symposium will feature five invited speakers and start … More

NEW DATE! City Library Seminar

The new date for the City Library Seminar is the 7th of May, 2021. Onur and Nadia are going to present their respective research.

Lunch-seminar at the City Library

TechnAct Research Cluster proudly announces a collaborative lunch-seminar with the City Library of Gothenburg! How do digital platforms change the forms of activism? Nadia Ruiz and Onur Kilic, two Ph.D. candidates of TechnAct, will present their interdisciplinary studies concerning the role of digital platforms in political activism. Save the date: March 26, 2021Time: 12.00 The … More

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